About your CFANews

This is the library blog of the College of Fine Arts at The University of South Dakota, sharing news about the University Libraries and the fine arts world at USD and abroad. Think of us as your one-stop-shop for information on current arts events, book reviews, scores and recordings in our collections and more. We’ll let you know what’s hot to read, listen to or look at, and occasionally throw in an opinion or two.

Who writes this stuff, anyway?

Taylor Lin Barstow
Taylor is a super senior at USD planning to earn her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree-sculpture emphasis- and a minor in Art History on December 15 at 11:00 a.m. Soft sculpture, video, installation and painting are her main interests right now. She is energized by anything related to creativity, culture and peculiarities.  Taylor is stoked to be Danielle’s assistant for the second summer in a row and helps out with anything arts-related at the library. She also serves on the University Libraries Marketing committee and is excited to participate in this blog!

Danielle De Jager-Loftus
Danielle knows what’s up in the University Libraries and USD. She serves as Assistant Professor and the Technology/Art, Music, Theatre Librarian. But her skills reach beyond that of her job title,  as her interest in strengthening arts incorporation in the academic sphere pumps up everyone who works at the Libraries.

Have something to say? Invest in us and we’ll invest in you! If you’re interested in contributing to this blog or have suggestions, shoot Danielle and Taylor an email. We want to hear what our readers have to say.

“Please note the views and opinions expressed in these pages are strictly mine. The content of these pages has not been reviewed or approved by The University of South Dakota.”