Musical Artists Design Shoes

The lines between music and visual art continue to blur, as multi-talented artists gain interest in an insane amount of things. Things to make. Things to do. Things to sell. While designing shoes is no new feat for musical artists (i.e. early 2000’s rapper Nelly and his Air Force Ones), this shoe art displays a new twist on the trend. Bands with smaller followings (than Rihanna or Daughtry) have been teaming up with shoe companies to blur the lines even further, in support of charity. Last year it was hipster band Animal Collective, supporting the Socorro Island Conservation Fund. This time it’s lead singer of Bon Iver, Justin Vernon. Vernon recently designed his pair to wear all in the name of energizing a charity. What do you think of exploiting fame in order to sell shoes? What about when it’s for charity’s benefit only?

Read more on Vernon’s shoe:

Ramos by Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon


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