AquaBrowser Library Catalog

  • To use AquaBrowser, simply click Library Catalog on the Libraries homepage.

So, just what is AquaBrowser?

On August 18, 2010, SDLN member libraries launched the AquaBrowser Library® as the new online catalog user platform. AquaBrowser is a “shell” that works with our existing automated catalog to offer library patrons enhanced search capabilities and additional information about the titles they find. Patrons may still use the traditional Aleph OPAC interface (called the Classic Catalog) if they are more comfortable with it.

The search results in the AquaBrowser catalog are ranked by relevancy. Users are also presented with a visual representation (word cloud) of additional search terms that might be associated with their original term (spelling variations, broader/narrower terms, synonyms, etc.) Once they select a specific title to view, they may see book reviews, first chapter excerpts, summaries, tables of contents, book jacket images, and genre notes–many of which are not found in traditional catalog records.

How do I find titles written by a specific author?

Use Advanced Search, which is accessible from the top navigation bar. This lets you limit to the author field. The advanced search is keyword within the specified field, rather than a phrase search, which is why Ellis Paul will also bring up Paul Ellis, for example. If you seem to be getting a lot of irrelevant items we encourage you to use the Refine pane, on the right, to narrow results. Clicking on your specific author within refine will narrow results to just that listing. You can then use the sort option at the top to order those results alphabetically by title.

When you locate a title in your results with the author you want, you can also click on the author’s name within the results to fire off a search for that specific author. You may also want to use Refine in the right column to limit by date, pulling up only recent titles.

If you have any questions or problems let me know.  Use the Meebo chat to your right, or email me!


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